Living Paintings No4 "Q TRAIN"

Living Paintings No 4 "Q TRAIN" from Nigel Van Wieck on Vimeo.

 jumpmonk  Even before he looks he knows
the faces on the bus, some
going to work and some coming back,
but each sealed in its hunger
for a different life, a lost life.
Where he’s going or who he is
he doesn’t ask himself, he
doesn’t know and doesn’t know
it matters.

Poem fragment from “Every Blessed Day” by Philip Levine
Published in What Work Is (Knopf, 1992)

rexineffex   doesn’t look like a BART train but an older nyc subway you still find on some lines, like this one. irregardless, awesome painting…

alindner  I take this train every day.  Also the video is rad because it goes from being so gestural to looking like this.

minzihogschocolate  I wanna say. I’m so tempted to tell you. But I can’t. Yeah, and you know it hurts me so bad… 

sugarcubed  This reminds me of so many friends! Brooklyn Baby!

lowercasethatm  “yet we are alone too and that’s sad isn’t it

yet you are meant to be alone at least part of the time

you must be in order to work and yet it always seems so


as though seeing people were intrinsic to life which it just

            might be

and then somehow the loneliness is more real and more


you know not just the scarecrow but the whole landscape

and the crows peacefully pecking where the harrow has passed”

-an excerpt from John Ashbery’s poem, “Lithuanian Dance Band”

 nogoodliar  aw. i love this. mostly cause i take subways like this all the time haha.

 sayitinslugs  this reminds me of a HUGE chunk of my life.

 tinamarieee  I am drawn to this because I have felt like this girl before. I have been this girl before.

twistingmearound  This brings back memories of working/having hobbies in Boston and taking public transit all the time.

wndering  This looks like the Muni but it’s not. Just makes me miss SF.

tarrinj    This reminds me of “Everything That Rises Must Converge”. Only because she’s on a bus, I suppose.

rebeccaaaa This girl on the Q train looks an awful lot like how I feel every time I finally catch the

meeks me, oh so often — except there’s usually a book in the right hand.

This is definitely the 1-2-3 line aka RED line.Guess I’m a New Yorker now?

I am in love with this painting.

the-pot-of-oil-theory Greatest painting style ever.

jwes love this. probably just because it reminds me of edward hopper

mirmur Old Toronto subway trains have this kind of orange chair upholstery. ~nostalgia~

lifesizemortal Perfect example of regionalist art!

badmansworld i love this, and i really don’t miss being this girl.


I take this train everyday. Also the video is rad because it goes from being so gestural to looking like this.

locusta love poems shouldn’t be written anymore

none00: i am never one to find meaning in art, but there is so much meaning in this, from last word of the title to the colors chosen.

missah how I feel on the trolley alone?

kisabel I love this so much.

marianlorraine if i ever get a tattoo for a train it will be the q train. pretty paintings.

Kirsten Is this in SF? Sure looks like the MUNI. I love this beautiful piece of art. Reminds me of nights on the MUNI in SF.

carylin Painting reminds me of a few things: late night BART rides alone, the fear that comes along with thinking that every shadow wants to swallow me whole, and how I can stare at my reflection on the windows for the entire half hour between El Cerrito and Powell and not really wholly recognize myself.

I feel like this when I’m riding the MRT alone

justinlamb This is the kind of thing I would buy and hang in my house. Love it.

andrewmcclain beautiful - looks like Edward Hopper

erieaniri I love the textures in this

fluxdemots I’m feeling sort of unmotivated (like this girl) but into new york (like this girl) and wishing I was somewhere other than where I am (like this girl?)

stumblingneon Beautiful. And more mass transit.

supinternets I really am in love with this.

ilikethis makes me want to find my art stuff this weekend and go nuts

missah how I feel on the trolley alone?

ninolucero lovely… just lovely

OpenAteliers2009 Very nice. it's a lot like Hopper. Congratulations.

luckydreamerD what song is it?
i like it very much. i mean the video, and the whole atmofere you created with this paint. sorry for my bag grammer, but i couldn't go without saying anything.

evemariedotcom i love this

gadis Shadows and light, colour, subject, sense of urban isolation, all evocative of Edward Hopper.

isthisyournikki Rawr. I wish I had skills

ptbruiserTotally does, not just in style, but in content—Hopper loved the “isolation in the city” theme.

irecruitloosejuiceThis is really tough!

mamojoThe colors and mood remind me of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks.

I don’t see these subways that much nowadays. The new trains have light blue seats and an automated woman’s voice telling you what the next stop is. I miss those incomprehensible outbursts of static from cranky conductors. *sigh*

cherrypies Beautiful picture.

sashasThis is wonderful. For a moment I thought this was by Edward Hopper.

michetiqueThis warms me heart to soul.